Un-or-tho-dox Adj: Breaking with convention or tradition; not conforming to accepted rules or standards.

In short, I'm a whips and chains loving, pretty chick lusting, good weed smoking, dope picture taking, Art & Graphic design Major, Computer Science Minor, Second Life player, Good book reading, Lil Wayne/Wale/Kendrick fanatic thats dedicating my life to my parents, my BRAND and an Unorthodox style of living. Heres a peak into my world. My day to day Photography. Videos. Journal entries & My poetry. The random shit i think about. Quotes that I feel. Things that I Love. My world. My life. How i see things in my head & and how i want to see things in my future. This is a peak into my world. Welcome. So Unorthodox. Since 89'

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Anonymous asked: Omg Ms Jonae im so late I was looking at ur website, and came across the nip patches lol I remember asking you like 1or2 years ago on here about them and When are u gonna sell them lol, I have been rolling with u for along time and you're brand has really grown and I see the wonderful progress you're making I still wish the upmost best -L.T

I really wish i knew who L.T was, thank you regardless! Your words and support mean a hell of a lot. I hope you continue to rock with me through this journey!

sleepyguzmanthemariachi asked: Dope blog, like your style and attitude and that's whats up with being a Graphic design major, same here and your confidence makes you stand out well.

Thank for the love, i really appreciate that <3

hissanm asked: What up queen! How much does that war shirt cost? And also how are you

Hey love! Im blessed, thank you so much for asking. The War sweaters are sold out…forever… BUT I am contemplating making the sweater into a shirt for my summer collection. Be on the lookout for that!!